About StarStrike

StarStrike Stainless LLC is the design, sales and support leg of our manufacturing tripod.  We’re three veteran-owned American companies based in New Mexico, and each of our companies has a specific role and set of skills:

  • Dura-Strong Fabrication logoDura-Strong Fabrication, LLC
    Engineering and pressure vessel manufacturing with ASME U and R stamps and a large onsite heat-treating oven capable of heating to 1650 degrees F.NACE Heat Treating Oven
  • Mountain Equipment logo  Mountain Equipment of NM, Inc.
    Completions fabrication including road-legal trailers, hydraulics, refrigeration, heating, electrical, automation, and structural steel capabilities.Mountain Equipment Fabrication shop
  • StarStrike color logo StarStrike Stainless, LLC
    Handles sanitary stainless concept design, engineering, product development, sales, training, and service.

Design team

Stainless Steel Fabrication