Cannabis Extraction

Produce 1.5 liters of
whole plant oil in a single shift.

Red Rabbit industrial ethanol extractor

The StarStrike Red Rabbit Extractor can process industrial amounts of marijuana leaf, buds, and even roots, using ethanol extraction.  It creates a highly concentrated cannabinoid extract called Whole Plant Oil (aka “WPO”, or cannabis oil).  Whole plant oil  is highly prized for its perceived medicinal benefits, especially among cancer and chronic pain patients, as well as by recreational cannabis users.

Convert low-value trim into
high-value whole plant oil.

Whole plant oil contains THC, CBD and the other cannabinoids, plus terpenes, chlorophyll, and waxes.  The Red Rabbit Extractor pulls all the goodness out of the plant material without breaking down cannabinoid molecules. Because food grade alcohol is used as the extraction solvent, no residual chemistry is left behind once the ethanol is fully removed. The result is very clean oil that has a very high value, currently $60 / gram retail.  Whole plant oil can be sold retail or wholesale and can be used in a wide range of products and delivery methods including edibles, chocolates, tinctures, balms, vape pens, and trans-dermal patches. It can also be further processed into fractional components like ultra-pure THC oil.

Trim into Treasure ROI

Example ROI (12 lb load; your results may vary):
1200 gr. of WPO at wholesale ($20 / gr.)  = $24,000 of value
1200 gr. of WPO at retail ($60 / gr.)  = $72,000 of value

Mixed-use ROI example (12 lb load; your results may vary):
1 gal. tincture (3,785 grams) @ $2 gr = $7,570 used as food additive
900 gr. of WPO at wholesale ($20 / gr.)  = $18,000 used for edibles
200 gr. of WPO at retail ($60 / gr.) = $12,000 for dispensary sale
Total value = $37,570

Using the Mixed-use ROI example above, you can pay for the Red Rabbit Extractor with less than two full loads and that includes the cost of the 24 lbs. of trim used, valued at $500 / pound. The Red Rabbit Extractor includes everything needed except ethanol, electricity, and trim.

Stainless steel construction YES (304L, sanitary stainless welds)
Trim by weight per load (dried trim) 4 to 15 pounds per load
Max trim by volume per load (dried trim) 30 liters
Trim container 26 gauge perforated stainless
steel basket with handles
Suggested food grade ethanol per run
6 – 15 gallons per trim load (depending on amount of trim used)
Reusable ethanol
recovery rate
90% – 95%
Processing time per 12 lb. load 6 hours (2 hours immersion, 4 hours wash) less for smaller loads
Effective WPO (12 lb. load) ~960 – 1200 grams
(Typical: 80 to 100 grams per pound)
Total cannabinoids in WPO
30% to 65% (determined by freshness and makeup of input trim)

Your plants provide much more than bud.  Are you getting it all?

The Red Rabbit Extractor concentrates plant oils well beyond the natural saturation point of ethanol by performing a wash cycle after the primary immersion cycle.  This results in a much higher concentration of cannabinoids in solution, providing a rich output of cannabis oil tincture.  The ethanol is removed from the tincture using the built-in Ethanol Recovery Unit (ERU) and recovered for re-use.

Red Rabbit industrial ethanol extraction for trimThe Red Rabbit Extractor System includes everything needed: the rugged stainless steel extractor unit shown above, the glycol heater that provides heat for the extractor and ERU, the glycol chiller that provides cold to the condensers, and all needed pumps, plumbing, and secondary items like the high quality glass carboys that capture the recovered ethanol.  The entire system is mounted on two heavy duty steel carts that can be easily installed and safely operated.

For more info about the Red Rabbit Extractor and whole plant oil:
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  • Edibles
  • Retail items
  • Balms and skin creams
  • Tinctures and vape infusion
  • Smoked products
  • Finishing drizzle

Two quarts whole plant oil made from 5 lbs. of fresh trim :
whole plant oil made from 5 lbs. of fresh trim

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