Custom Applications

StarStrike Stainless LLC can design and produce custom products based around stainless or carbon steel.  Here are some examples of custom projects…

The Brewery-on-Wheels Promo Trailer
Craft Beer Promotion Trailer
This is a concept for a Brewery-on-Wheels Promotional Trailer that we’re developing. This trailer allows a brewery to easily attend trade shows and events and sell a tremendous amount of beer since it can carry and tap up to 12 kegs hidden inside the two brewing vessels.  Built-in chillers keep the kegs cold and on-board touch-screen kiosks allow customers to watch short videos about the brewery and its beers.

Stainless Filtration

Above is a heavy-duty filter basket used to hold up to 15 pounds of an organic material such as ground up vanilla beans and features a 26 gauge perforated bottom.

Stainless Steel Fabrication