Investment Opportunity

If you’ve been considering investing in an exciting new venture that offers an excellent ROI, StarStrike Stainless, LLC, is a strong candidate to consider.

Plenty of markets: StarStrike Stainless supplies industrial equipment for the extraction industry.  Our equipment can be used for a wide variety of plants and botanicals so numerous markets exist.  Investment will help us reach those specialty extraction markets anywhere in the world.

Product exists and has been sold: StarStrike spent much of 2016 and 2017 doing massive design, engineering, and prototype development and testing.

Marketing: Investment will be used to target markets like growers, extractors, makers of edibles, and others. We’ll market online, at trade shows and in select vertically oriented magazines.

Website & SEO: Since you’re already here you know we have a web site that works with smartphones, tablets or computers. What you may not know is that we have excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices in place and our rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing are very good, and constantly getting better. Nothing beats a Top 5 position on the first page and we know it.

Dedicated manufacturing: Many new companies have to look to other suppliers to provide their products, but StarStrike has dedicated and exclusive access to a manufacturing facility of 30,000 square feet. StarStrike Stainless has the ability to scale up quickly and meet market demand.

Why are you seeking investment? We want to add more capacity as well as build up a stock extractors and expand our sales and marketing with dedicated sales people and trade shows.

Long term strategy: Our multi-path strategy is a winner and we’ll be happy to share it and our pitch deck with you if you’re a serious investor looking for a solid ROI with manageable risk.

Contact StarStrike for Possible InvestmentUse our contact form or call us and indicate you’re a potential investor. We want to learn more about you too to find out if it’s a match that works for us both.

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