Plant Oil Extraction

R5 Industrial Ethanol Extractor
Flexible extraction at industrial quantities.

StarStrike Stainless’s R5 cold ethanol extractor can process industrial amounts of plant material using cold ethanol or a closely related alcohol such as isopropyl. Our R5 extractor creates a highly concentrated extract tincture that is well-suited for post-processing into a variety of products.

The R5 extractor can extract the target oils from plant material in very large quantities and produce very clean tincture that requires little or no clean-up.  Easily process up to 1,000 pounds per shift depending on the source plant material.

Cold and clean.

The R5 extractor system includes an industrial chiller Low temp warning symbolthat ensures the extraction process stays cold throughout the extraction process. The extractor is mounted on a heavy duty steel cart that can be easily installed and safely operated. All that’s needed to begin extraction is electricity, ethanol, and plant material.

Your material may provide much more than you’re getting.

By varying the temperature and wash times, you can achieve efficient extraction for whatever target output you’re seeking.  Whether it is clean tincture for  distillation into fractions, a richer tincture for a variety of target oils, or a robust whole plant oil, the R5 extractor can meet your needs.

Different types of extractors typically prefer the most potent parts of a plant. However there can be a lot of missed goodness in pre-extracted material, or value to be gained from other, less desirable parts of the plant.  Because the R5 extractor can handle very large quantities, and because ethanol is a very efficient solvent, experimentation with less desirable plant parts, or plant material that has already been extracted, may make sense.  Why miss out on easily recovered value?

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