Plant Oil Extraction

Flexible extraction at industrial quantities.

Red Rabbit industrial ethanol extractorThe StarStrike Red Rabbit Extractor can process industrial amounts of plant material using ethanol extraction. It creates a highly concentrated extract called hyper-tincture. During the extraction process, the Red Rabbit first saturates the ethanol solvent and then super-saturates it using a secondary cleansing wash. When super-saturation has been achieved, a majority of the ethanol is removed and the resulting output is hyper-saturated tincture, called hyper-tincture.

Multiple product paths
to high-value products.

The outputs from the Red Rabbit can be used to in many ways allowing for multiple “product-paths”. A product path is a production path that goes from plant harvest to extraction, to post-processing, to final product. For example, cinnamon bark is harvested from a tree, cinnamon oil is extracted from the bark and then it is filtered and post processed into ultra-pure oil.  This oil is then added to a variety of food items, beverages, supplements, etc.

Here are some of the more common product paths for extracts from a Red Rabbit extractor:

  • saturated tincture as a simple additive
  • super-saturated tincture as a stronger, more potent or flavorful additive
  • hyper-saturated tincture as a feed-stock for whole plant oil
  • hyper-saturated tincture as a feed-stock for clarified whole plant oil
  • hyper-saturated tincture as a feed-stock for fractional distillation

The Red Rabbit Extractor system includes everything needed: the rugged stainless steel extractor, the ethanol recovery vessel, a lifting crane for the extraction basket and primary condenser, the glycol heaters that provide heat for the extractor and ethanol recovery systems, the chiller that provides cold to the condensers, the vacuum pump, and pumps for moving hot and cold glycol throughout the system. Additionally all connective plumbing, valves, controls and downstream items like high quality glass carboys for capturing the recovered ethanol are included. The entire system is mounted on two heavy duty steel carts that can be easily installed and safely operated. All that’s needed to begin extraction is electricity, ethanol, and plant material.

Stainless steel construction YES (304L, sanitary stainless welds)
Material by weight per load 4 to 15 pounds per load
Max volume per load
30 liters
Extractor basket size
20 gauge perforated stainless
steel basket with handles
Ethanol needed per load
6 – 15 gallons per load (depending on amount & type of  material used)
Reusable ethanol
recovery rate
90% – 95%
Processing time per 15 lb. load 1 hour cold wash, or 2 hours for short-path, or 5 – 6 hours whole plant oil
Output by type 2 gallons hyper tincture / full load
100 gr. / lb. whole plant oil
Electrical required 220v single phase

Your plants may provide much more than you’re getting.

The Red Rabbit is flexible: it can do hot ethanol extraction, room temperature extraction, and even cold extraction.  By varying the temperature and vacuum pressure, you can achieve efficient extraction for whatever target output you’re seeking.

For more info about the Red Rabbit Extractor visit our FAQ page:
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